If you recall from last time, I mentioned the possibility of comparing Bill Butler’s New York Times crossword blog and his Los Angeles time crossword blog relative to solving time. Subsequently I have had the opportunity to perform the previous analysis on Mr. Butler’s LA Times blog myself (09-18-2012 to 06-30-2017).

The Result
While I won’t reiterate the process from last time, I’ll simply relay the final result. As before, this is the range of values that are plus or minus one standard deviation of the mean.

Monday 293.17 342.49 391.8 (5m 42s)
Tuesday 320.41 377.93 435.46 (6m 18s)
Wednesday 375.24 452.69 530.14 (7m 32s)
Thursday 437.88 557.82 677.76 (9m 18s)
Friday 550.55 739.25 927.96 (12m 19s)
Saturday 690.12 936.89 1183.67 (15m 37s)
Sunday 971.27 1282.24 1593.22 (21m 22s)

Here is the chart from that data:

LA Times Chart

Now that I have data from a solver for two puzzle providers, comparisons are possible. I’ll provide charts to that effect below:



Standard deviation reflects the variance of the data, as seen by both the separate line charts. As presented here, similar conclusions can be drawn to what I surmised previously.

Again, hopefully this has provided some further interest to the whole topic.

3 thoughts on “Comparing New York Times and LA Times Crosswords

  1. There’s been a ludicrous discrepancy since the first clue answer is “arms”, but the printed puzzle has 5 boxes for that answer, and that phenom is all through the puzzle, which makes it impossible to solve.


    1. Welcome to this blog. As I am aware, the Los Angeles Times 03-11 puzzle was evidently published with the wrong grid in their paper. However, this blog as no association with any puzzle-publishing entities.


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