Chronicle of Higher Education Review : “Leading (W)edge” (2017-09-08)

CHE-20170908-Leading (W)edge
Constructed By: Jacob Stulberg
Edited By: Brad Wilber
Source: CHE Website.
Theme: Research Triangle Universities
The gimmick present here according to 7-A and 66-A includes rebuses featuring the North Carolina schools in the area known as the “Research Triangle”.

  • 1-A. [Fictional canine owned by the Winslows] – MARMADUKE
  • 6-D. [“Black, Brown, and Beige” composer] – DUKE ELLINGTON
  • 29-A. [Numskull] – DUNCE
  • 23-D. [Post-office scale unit] – OUNCE
  • 42-A. [Compound formerly known as “white vitriol”] – ZINC SULFATE
  • 31-D. [Surveyor who established the Iowa-Missouri border] – JOHN C SULLIVAN

Glenn’s Time: 81 minutes (paper).
Glenn’s Errors: 7 errors, I didn’t see the gimmick at all on this one.

(Quality) Rating: 4.0 stars/5 stars.
The Chronicle of Higher Education features a weekly puzzle throughout the fall and spring semesters and a biweekly puzzle throughout the summer semester. They often feature academic knowledge or technical topics to a greater degree than the average puzzle, and often are far more technically clued than the average puzzle. This is consistent with the target audience of the CHE – college administrators and professors. While these puzzles are often well constructed, the knowledge required will frustrate beginning or medium solvers. To that end, a degree of patience or a willingness to look up some things often required to fill in these puzzles.

This provides an example in many respects. In this one, we have a list of clues featuring rebuses of Research Triangle universities. There is often there is very challenging fill offered in these puzzles. Thankfully this puzzle offers a minimum of strange esoteric fill. Overall, while I have been able to complete few of these puzzles, they have often provided both challenge and a diversion.

Unfamiliar/Interesting Stuff To Me:

The Research Triangle as depicted on a map (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

7-A & 66-A. [With 66-Across, nickname for the Piedmont region whose points are marked by academic institutions … as depicted in this puzzle] – RESEARCH TRIANGLE. This is the area of North Carolina marked by the schools and denoted by the towns of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. The name came in the 1950’s by the establishment of Research Triangle Park, hope to several high tech companies and other enterprises. Interestingly, enough the setter positioned them in the same general configuration that they appear on the map.

17-A. [Gompers or Goldwyn] – SAMUEL. Samuel Gompers founded the American Federation of Labor. Samuel Goldwyn is a famous filmmaker.

42-A. [Compound formerly known as “white vitriol”] – ZINC SULFATE. Zinc Sulfate is used as a supplement for zinc deficiency, along with other industrial uses. “Vitriol” is an arcane name for a Sulfate compound. Zinc sulfate is white in color.

31-D. [Surveyor who established the Iowa-Missouri border] – JOHN C. SULLIVAN. This would be him.

38-D. [U.S. Open champ who lost to Federer in the 2017 Wimbledon final] – CILIC. This would be the guy. One of the handful of strange guesses that are usual for me to make in these puzzles. How many really know who this is?

41-D. [They know the score] – MAESTRI. An arcane plural of maestro. Most of the rest of us use maestros. More chicanery that often exists in crosswords…

51-D. [“Fiddler on the Roof” role] – YENTE. One of the roles there. Got on crosses.

63-D. [It was taken by the Merry Pranksters] – LSD. This would be the Merry Pranksters.

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment on any of the posts made or any suggestions on puzzles to look at or topics to handle. Until later!


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