BEQ Crossword #984: THE BRADY BUNCH (09/07/2017)

Constructed By: Brendan Emmett Quigley
Edited By: Brendan Emmett Quigley
Source: Obtain and Play This Puzzle Here
Theme: The Patriots …
The Patriots played tonight, hence the reference. (Edited)

  • 18-A. [Mystical kneecap?] – PATELLA ENCHANTED (Ella Enchanted)
  • 29-A & 35-A. [Drinker’s periodical] – BAR PATRONS MAGAZINE (Barron’s Magazine)
  • 54-A. [Drink made by steeping Indian bread?] – CHAPATI TEA (chai tea)
  • 64-A. [Axiom that emphasizes your male friends over pity?] – BROS BEFORE PATHOS (Bros before hos)

Glenn’s Time: 35 minutes (paper).
Glenn’s Errors: 3 dumb errors.

(Quality) Rating: 3.0 stars/5 stars.
Brendan Emmett Quigley puts out a lot of good content in a number of places, including his own web site, and this one is no exception. Quigley also provides a number of more contemporary and less formal references than the norm in these puzzles. While crosswords have proved that I am probably sheltered compared to most in what I have to guess, most of the references here are usually interesting in what I didn’t know, if not always entirely fresh and exciting.

This is not a must-play in the sense that the theme entries are a little underwhelming in the hilarity that ensues, as well as some of the fill. But as his other puzzles, it provides an interesting crossword trip for the time it lasts and fits the level of challenge that he advertises.

For all the puzzles I’ve done from this site, it is definitely a recommended source in case you are looking for a good puzzle to do on Monday (themeless) and Thursday (themed).

Unfamiliar/Interesting Stuff To Me:
1-A. [Bridge to Notre Dame] – PONT. This is the bridge in question.

24-A. [Art Spiegelman masterwork] – MAUS. This is Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel as published in 1991.

41-A. [Super Bowl III winning coach Weeb] – EWBANK. He was the head coach of the New York Jets, who won Super Bowl III.

68-A. [“Modern Family” actor Gould and namesakes] – NOLANS. This refers to Nolan Gould. Can’t say I ever heard of him (the pop culture issue that plagued a clue in the previous puzzle), nor I watch Modern Family. Evidently this is the only thing he is known for. A little unwieldly, and a pure guess on my part.

12-D. [When the office scenes of “Glengarry Glen Ross” occur] – ACT II. A throwaway clue/answer, and one of my peeves. At least you always know what it’s going to be without too much trouble.

25-D. [Grp. that can lower your Sprint bill] – AAA. The American Automobile Association offers a number of discounts and rewards with membership, including probably a discount on your phone bill with Sprint. Again a odd throwaway.

33-D & 36-A. [Showstopper?] – TIVO BOX. Again a little weird, by including the BOX there (instead of maybe DVR).

Until later!


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