Washington Post Crossword Review : “Named Names” (2017-09-09)

Constructed By: Evan Birnholz
Edited By: Evan Birnholz
Source: Play Online. PUZ File here.
Theme: Verbal First Names
For all the theme answers, a famous name of reality or story is turned into a verb.

  • 23-A. [Actor with a buff physique?] – JACKED NICHOLSON (Jack Nicholson)
  • 35-A. [Film director whose money was stolen?] – ROBBED REINER (Rob Reiner)
  • 53-A. [Famed martial artist, after he gets thrown out?] – CHUCKED NORRIS (Chuck Norris)
  • 64-A. [Stage character with a pale face?] – BLANCHED DUBOIS (Blanche Dubois)
  • 72-A. [Former NBC newsman, when he gets high?] – STONED PHILLIPS (Stone Phillips)
  • 87-A. [Former variety show host, when he gets tossed in the air?] – FLIPPED WILSON (Flip Wilson)
  • 101-A. [Gemini 12 astronaut, after he’s had a few beers?] – BUZZED ALDRIN (Buzz Aldrin)
  • 116-A. [Literary character who also has a buff physique?] – RIPPED VAN WINKLE (Rip Van Winkle)

Glenn’s Time: 30 minutes (paper).
Glenn’s Errors: 0.

(Quality) Rating: 2.5 stars/5 stars.
The Washington Post offers an original 21×21 puzzle on Sundays as written by Evan Birnholz. Often, these can contain more current pop culture references and occasionally some other different things.

This provides an average example, if a bit pedestrian. We have a theme where a famous figure has a first name turned into a verb in reference to the puzzle. 21×21 puzzles often have a certain sloggish quality to them, and this theme has a certain boring quality – albeit pretty straight forward when it was figured out. The clues were very clearly written and a lot of the fill was pretty straightforward. While boring in content, the quick solve mitigated the chance to get bored over this one.

Unfamiliar/Interesting Stuff To Me:

21-A. [Action film?] – PORNO. Probably the best clue of the bunch.

Until next time, whenever that happens!


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