BEQ Crossword: Going Too Far (02/01/2018)

Constructed By: Brendan Emmett Quigley
Edited By: Brendan Emmett Quigley
Source: Obtain and Play This Puzzle Here
Theme: One-Offs
For a number of entries in this puzzle, one more letter is required, which can be gained by the black spaces. This is illustrated above. While it’s hard to illustrate which entries belong to which spaces, I tried to illustrate by using colors on the squares before the relevant black space (might have tried drawing the whole words, but that would have required tracing in the black grid entirely):

  • Red: Black space before the across entry.
  • Green: Black space after the across entry.
  • Blue: Black space before the down entry.
  • Yellow: Black space after the down entry.

Please forgive any screwiness in how I drew in things.

As the blurb by the setter indicates:

Many of the answers in this crossword are one letter too long and won’t fit in the spaces provided. Each of these answers will either begin or end in the square immediately before or after it. When the puzzle is done all these squares will have been used exactly once and the letters in them (reading from left to right, line by line) will spell out a quote by Mitch Hedberg.

There is a quote by Mitch Hedberg. It should read:

I’m against picketing, but I don’t know how to show it.

Glenn’s Time: DNF after 63 minutes (paper). Needed 5 squares to finish.
Glenn’s Errors: 0.

While I have no interest in doing a full blog post on this puzzle, I thought it might be useful to post some answers. It should be useful if anyone wants to see the puzzle’s answers and how the gimmick works.

Edit Again: It’s kind of nuts in the first place to explain what’s going on with this grid, so I reproduced the answers below (black space letter is in RED):

1-A. [___ bath (treatment)] – SITZ.
5-A. [“Buzz me in!”] – I‘M HERE.
10-A. [___ code] – MORSE.
14-A. [West Indian island] – ARUBA.
15-A. [Doing lunch] – EAT IN.
17-A. [California wine region] – NAPA.
18-A. [French wine region] – ALSACE.
19-A. [Five Pillars belief] – ISLAM.
20-A. [Type of hate mail?] – DEAR JOHN.
22-A. [“Grand” range] – TETONS.
23-A. [College where DEVO formed] – KENT STATE.
27-A. [Back from a trip] – IN TOWN.
31-A. [Meshy door part that ventilates] – AIR SCREEN.
35-A. [Roughed up] – MAULED.
37-A. [Needing to hit the gym, say] – FAT.
38-A. [Decaf containers] – URNS.
39-A. [King David’s third son] – ABSALOM.
41-A. [Fighting chance?] – WAR TIME.
44-A. [Mythical bird] – ROC.
45-A. [Plummet] – DROP.
47-A. [More authentic] – REALER.
48-A. [Ecstatic feeling] – EXALTATION.
52-A. [Private liaison] – TRYST.
53-A. [Small talk] – IDLE CHAT.
55-A. [Port barrels] – CASKS.
58-A. [Classic Vans sneakers style with a funky spelling] – OLD SKOOL.
63-A. [Mitch Miller’s instrument] – OBOE.
64-A. [Depressor’s request] – SAY AAH.
67-A. [Sunday songs] – HYMNS.
68-A. [Frida Kahlo’s affliction] – POLIO.
69-A. [Needed a recharge] – RAN LOW.
70-A. [2014 Best Supporting Actor] – LETO.
71-A. [Help out] – ABET.
72-A. [Squid’s container] – INK SAC.
73-A. [Mortise fitting] – TENON.
1-D. [Dow cousin] – S AND P.
2-D. [“Dies ___”] – IRAE.
3-D. [2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee] – TUPAC.
4-D. [Letter-shaped construction piece] – ZBAR.
5-D. [Breakfast slice] – MELON.
6-D. [Trending marker] – HASH TAG.
7-D. [SeaTac calc.] – ETA.
8-D. [Wrestling legend Flair] – RIC.
9-D. [Compass reading] – ENE.
10-D. [Bar snack?] – OYSTER.
11-D. [Move, in bizspeak] – RELO.
12-D. [Editorial bias] – SLANT.
13-D. [Slippery plants] – ELMS.
21-D. [Crown piece] – JEWEL.
22-D. [[I won’t list all the names], briefly] – ETC.
24-D. [Look for evidence] – SIFT.
25-D. [Spitball projector] – STRAW.
26-D. [“___ Is Born”] – A STAR.
27-D. [Inn in Istanbul] – IMARET.
28-D. [Encased] – IN A BOX.
29-D. [Like Dante] – TUSCAN.
30-D. [Suffix with crap or pay] – OLA.
32-D. [In a spooky way] – EERILY.
33-D. [Tangle up (in)] – ENMESH.
34-D. [Enclose] – INSERT.
36-D. [Suburb of Miami] – DORAL.
40-D. [Sacred song] – MOTET.
42-D. [QB Favre and others] – BRETTS.
43-D. [___ chips (trendy snack food)] – TARO.
46-D. [Instagram posting] – PIC.
49-D. [“Sweet!”] – I LIKE IT.
50-D. [Jet points: Abbr.] – TDS.
51-D. [“Ni-i-i-i-ice”] – OOH LA LA.
54-D. [Like some short-term work groups] – AD-HOC.
55-D. [Barry’s nightclub] – COPA.
56-D. [Meat on a stick] – KABOB.
57-D. [Exclusive] – SOLE.
59-D. [MacLachlan of “Twin Peaks”] – KYLE.
60-D. [They make a lot of deliveries] – WOMEN.
61-D. [Suspicious of] – ONTO.
62-D. [“The Mick” actress Kaitlin] – OLSON.
64-D. [Tip off] – WARN.
65-D. [Talk forever and ever] – YAK.
66-D. [Years of French classes] – ANS.


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