I am Glenn, a person who has started into the world of crosswords as of about three years or so ago.  To that end, I’ve had thoughts that might not fit into the typical blog formats of the typical “grid of the day” blogs.  Or I might decide to blog on a specific puzzle or offer pointers to puzzles or fixes to puzzles that others have distributed.  I finally decided to use this as a space for the random times when that might happen.  Hence, this blog will be sparingly posted to or updated.  I might answer questions on my perceptions of different things that I’ve seen in trying to learn crossword solving or constructing (I’m far behind on the latter) or thoughts on crosswords that I’m aware of.  Especially, though, I hope this place can definitely serve as an aid for those who are trying to navigate their way into these things.  Anyhow, if there are any questions, please feel free to comment here or contact me.